One of the biggest issues hampering The Forest Early Access right now is the inability to save the game. Luckily, the developers at Endnight Games have been hard at work looking for a hotfix to correct the issue so players can save their games.

In an official response posted on the game’s discussion forums on Steam says, “Ben made a really quick bug fix, We had some really minor clean up issues and some steam technical issues. There’s going to be the proper hot fix with saving loading and some performance improvements Monday or Tuesday.”

We’ve been waiting to post our initial impressions on the game until that hot fix arrived due to the fact that you could get something built in the game, only to be killed moments later and have to start from the very beginning. I guess, for the moment it could be treated as a permadeath system, but the enemies are a little bit overpowered at the moment so it’s almost impossible to get anything accomplished unless you’re a master at the game already.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on when the hotfix actually becomes available, so be sure to follow OnlySP on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest updates on The Forest.


Nick Calandra
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  1. The games piss easy I’ve survived 2 weeks (had to go after that), all you gotta do is build 2 parallel walls
    and place campfires at both entrances and ta dah you’re basically now immortal as the enemy will just keep burning themselvs to death if they try to attack you.

    1. Once they hamper out the bugs in the game and add more content they’ll be able to take down your walls :) Just saying haha.

      1. I placed one wall one house 1 fire pit 2 standing fires 1 big effigy and one small one and they never came back again they are scared lol

        1. I think they will jump over your walls soon :P I saw that in the trailer anyways, that would scare the crap out of me :P

  2. Soo.. when is the saving going to be fixed i’m just waiting for the hot fix every hour!

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