Modern Warfare 4

The rumblings around 2019’s Call of Duty are getting louder, with the franchise’s former creative strategist hinting at an early October release date and the return of a fan-favourite character.

Robert Bowling, who left Activision back in 2016, recently tweeted a short video incorporating a still frame image from the Modern Warfare franchise, with a slow zoom to the masked face of the character Ghost. The initial post was quickly followed by another video, showing Ghost’s death scene over which a quote from Modern Warfare 2 plays, which includes the sentences “history is written by the victor. History is filled with liars. If he lives, and we die, his truth becomes written—and ours is lost.”

The tweets include quotes from Nine Inch Nails’s song Hurt, with the first including audio from Johnny Cash’s cover.

Both tweets, the first of which includes a date of October 8, 2019—possibly the release date of the upcoming entry—are embedded below. Worth reiterating is that Bowling is no longer officially affiliated with the franchise, so these hints may be nothing more than the wishful thinking of a fan.

Recent rumours have suggested that 2019’s Call of Duty will indeed be Modern Warfare 4, which gains credence merely from Infinity Ward being at the helm of the project. However, the clear focus on Ghost in Bowling’s teases may also be a callback to 2009 when rumours emerged of a spin-off starring the character.

Whatever the case may be, an official reveal of Call of Duty 2019 cannot be far away, as Activision has traditionally hosted announcement events in mid-May. However, the game has previously been confirmed to have a single-player campaign, unlike last year’s Black Ops 4.

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