Former MotorStorm Directors Working on Sci-Fi IP at New Team, Wushu Studios

Wushu Studios

A small group of veteran UK developers has come together to form Wushu Studios, a new team working on a “tantalising and unexpected” sci-fi IP.

Although the team is not yet ready to talk about the game in detail, the head of PR, Nate Najda, reveals that Unreal Engine 4 is being used for the project and that prototyping has been ongoing since September 2017.

Wushu Studios currently has 11 staff members, with key talent coming from the development house formerly known as Evolution Studios, best known for DriveClub and the MotorStorm series. Founder Alan McDermott was a long-time audio director at that team before going on to create Secret Sorcery Limited, which released the VR-based god game Tethered in 2016. Design Director Nigel Kershaw was the game director for MotorStorm: Pacific Rift and has also worked at Sumo Digital and Deep Silver. Finally, art director Stuart Trevor also hails from Evolution Studios, but has previous experience with a wide variety of brands, including Dark Souls, Saint’s Row, and Ford.

Despite the presence of key staff who have previously worked on racing games, McDermott stresses that the upcoming project is “definitely not what people will be expecting to see from [the team]; it’s absolutely not a racing game.”

OnlySP recently had the chance to talk to the talent at this new studio, and our interview will be available later this week for those wanting a tad more information about the team’s heritage.

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