New reports have emerged claiming that Playground Games’s upcoming open-world RPG is a new Fable.

The team recently revealed that it had opened a second studio to work on a confidential project. However, Eurogamer has revealed that the new title is a story- and character-focused RPG that acts as a clean break from previous entries.

Neither the studio nor Fable’s IP holder Microsoft has officially commented on the reports other than to downplay it as nothing more than speculation at this point. In any case, the project is unlikely to release in the near future, as the second studio only opened its doors in November, and Playground Games is currently aiming to build the team from its current double-digit roster to around 200.

Microsoft has previously discussed the possibility of reviving the franchise, stating that internal discussion had taken place, but that nothing had been set in stone. The publisher shut down the studio that originally created the IP, Lionhead Studios, in early 2016, four years on from the release of the Kinect-exclusive Fable: The Journey.

Eurogamer reports that Microsoft’s decision to move ahead with the new game is inspired, in part, by the success of Sony’s Horizon: Zero Dawn, which highlighted the continued popularity of such games.

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