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For the record, the last Xbox I owned was the first one. I steered clear of the 360 in the wake of its red plague and have no plans to buy an Xbox One unless I find myself employed in reviewing the games. This is not a bias article, the title is for fun and reflects one Sony fan’s displeasure at the landscape next month. You may agree or disagree; you are invited to do so, civilly if possible.

Moving on, I’m damn excited about the launch of the Playstation 4. After all, the exclusive lineup for the PS3 was very clearly unmatched in quality, range, and content. I think that was what ultimately catapulted PS3 sales past 360 sales this gen.

However, I don’t think I’ve ever been less excited about the software launching alongside a system as with what I see available for PS4 on day one. It’s really quite pitiful on so many levels. Roughly speaking the numbers are comparable from the PS2 launch onward (depending on your territory), but on closer inspection the list has a way of paring itself down.

Call of Duty: Ghosts? Battlefield 4? Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag? Oh my! What top quality, fantastic titles to have in one’s launch lineup. Except that they are cross generational releases and I, for one, don’t buy a single word of what various public relations departments have been telling us about the developers having taken full advantage of the new hardware.

What does that even mean? For the graphics right? Because I’m just not going to believe you if you tell me that there will be fundamental physics, gameplay, map size, and artificial intelligence differences between the last gen versions and the new gen versions of the games. Like Tomb Raider: Underworld on PS2 vs PS3, they will just be old games that look better. Therefore I cannot even consider them full PS4 games or launch games for that matter. Same goes for Skylanders: Swap Force, Injustice: Gods Among Us, DC Universe Online, Contrast, and Just Dance 2014. Jeez the list goes on and on, the sports games, Lego game, Sound Shapes, Flower, Angry Birds: Star Wars. I mean c’mon, could you even count Angry Birds as a next gen game if it wasn’t already out on current gen hardware?

A new generation used to mean looking forward to what this new hardware might be capable of. While I am a big supporter of how great the indie industry is for everyone, gamers and the gaming industry alike, just because it runs on PS4 that doesn’t exactly make it a “PS4 game” in my mind. I’ll bet the team behind Resogun worked really hard, and their game looks like something fun to play for sure. That said, how many people are uber pumped to grab the new hardware so they can load up Resogun and see what it looks like?


And now we’ve got no Driveclub due to delay, so there goes Sony’s next gen competition against Forza 5. The way I see it we are down to two games now. We have Knack and we have Killzone: Shadow Fall. KZ:SF will take the place of Resistance: Fall of Man on PS3 as the only must have FPS that showcases some of the new tech, and Knack will be a perfect game for kids and those who aren’t fond of realistic violence. Yup, two games.

We get no racer, Xbox One has Forza 5. We get no fighter, Xbox One has the long awaited Killer Instinct. We have no third person action games, Xbox One has Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome. We do have Killzone: Shadow Fall while Xbox One must rely on the multiplayer Titanfall, but Killzone 3 wasn’t so good and sold half a million fewer copies than Killzone 2. I’m starting to think that these online multiplayer shooters will probably scratch the public’s itch even more than the technically superior presentation and single player focus of a Killzone game. To be completely fair to PS4, Titanfall is actually a “launch window” title.

Hmmm. Well, there’s Warframe right? Eh, who am I kidding? I will never play a free-to-play game and it’s going to be technically flawed and probably unplayable on day one anyway.

PS1 highlights included Ace Combat, Battle Arena Toshinden, Ridge Racer, and NBA Jam: TE. PS2 launch highlights were Summoner (an RPG at launch! Who would have thunk it?), DOA2: Hardcore, Tekken Tag Tournament, Dynasty Warriors 2, Timesplitters, Unreal Tournament, Midnight Club: Street Racing.

tiny brains

Man, I’m getting depressed just thinking about it. I know that as time unfolds the PS4 will have the best games overall but it’s hard to get past what is bound to be a slow start in the software department. It takes patience and confidence. I’m glad I have both of those because the only fully new project on PS4 that I’m excited for is inFamous: Second Son. With the inevitable delays that could take some time; it’s a good thing I’ve got a big stack of PS3 games and a must-buy list of upcoming exclusives to play first.

In the mean time I’m just going to rack up the PS Plus games on the PS4 hardware. What are you gonna do?


David D. Nelson
David D. Nelson is a polymath with a BA in English working as an independent writing and editing professional. He enjoys gaming, literature, and a good hat.

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  1. I for one am looking forward to Nintendo finally getting a little poetic justice. Sony and Microsoft (to varying extents, and mostly through their own doing) are climbing aboard the same boat that they, their fans, and the industry at large have been bashing Nintendo for being in for the past year. The Wii U sales have been slow because the launch lineup was lacking. The Wii U sales are still slow because the games market is still lacking. What do all these companies not understand about gamers wanting game systems to play games on? Not many people (with expenses and/or functioning brain cells) are going to rush out and buy a $500 Netflix player on day one.

    1. Except the pre-orders for the new consoles have outsold Wii U already.

      PS4, day one, Will have outsold Wii U.How does that make you feel?
      I don’t mind Nintendo fans at all.Hell, i am a fan of nintendo.But Nintendo fanboys are just plain stupid.

      1. but i’m pretty sure preordered or not, his point is still valid. Would you be happy with your pre-oredred ps4 if there’s no game with it in the first 6 months?..

  2. Wow, this really made me re-think buying a console on launch. PS4 has 0 interesting exclusive titles for 2013 but some great ones in 2014. While the Xbox One’s games ARE somewhat appealing right now, I just don’t see myself moving to a different console. Like you said, I think it’s a good thing to just keep on trucking with the PS3 and wait for some good games to finally come to PS4. Sony are really stumbling out of the gate for next-gen already.

    1. Eh, I wouldn’t say “stumbling” out of the gate. Their line-up is good, just not on the exclusive side for the hardcore gamers. Dave focuses on the exclusives here, and, I think people will mis-read that for that launch line-up in general. I chose my purchase (I plan to buy both) over which console had the better launch line-up and I believe the Xbox One has it. My opinion of course, but as good as Killzone looks, with BF4, Ghosts etc coming out, I’ll have my shooter fix for a while. Ryse, is right up my alley so that was my main deciding factor in buying an Xbox One first.

      Later on next year the PS4 will be very attractive with Infamous and The Order, plus the other exclusives I’m sure we’ll hear about soon.

  3. are we begging for hits … pathetic

  4. I agree. Very awful lineup for the waitstation. Xbox one is raining exclusives and it’s coming to slay all of your favorites.

    1. Raining exclusives! yeah, right.

  5. Buying a console, especially a new console, is a long term commitment and investment. I’m sure that as time goes by, there will be much more and richer games to play on the PS4. However, Sony was kind of foolish in relying on multiplatform games and Killzone. They should have had at least one good exclusive, like Dead Rising 3 for Xbox.

  6. The only title you’re excited about is iNfamous? What about The Order:1883? Or what Naughty Dog has up its sleeve? You know they have something planned for 2014! MGS? Man I trust Sony to deliver and they will. Screw Titanfall. It’s the same ol shit! MP is nothing but run and gun shooting for games like that. Heck, Uncharted was more revolutionary than that, lol!

    1. hater. you’re in denial. you’re gonna be upset after a couple of days when your ps3 starts looking better than your ps4. and then you’re gonna blame sony after you’ve bought it. lol

      1. Hater? I think not. Realist? Definitently. I’ve been happier with my PS3 than I’ve ever been with my 360. It’s just simple math. I’m going with what pleased me more as a gamer this gen and that’s Sony. Not a fanboy or hater. Im not loyal to any company. I buy what I think is best for me, simple as that. Blame Sony? No, I’d blame myself because that’s what I chose. I’m an adult, not some kid who blames others on my actions.

  7. I guess AC4 is an “action game”, NFS is a racer. Does it need to be exclusive? What’s wrong with those?

  8. i agree that the lineup is looking a little weak, ill hold off criticizing the games until i see what the launch event on the 14th(live on Spike tv at 11pm EST) has to show. if i see 3 interesting games coming out relatively soon its not that bad of a “launch window”

  9. Sony is being smart this time around. Sony is releasing games slowly. No need to have games competing against each other. Killzone is going to be the best looking shooter on consoles, 1080p at 60fps. Killzone has more preorders than all the X1 games. Plus with PS Plus you get 5 to 7 free games. DCUO,Warframe,Blacklight,Planetside 2, Resogun and others. Sounds like a good launch lineup to me for $60.00(for Killzone+these 5 games). Are you really going to spend $180 for Ryse, Forza, and Killer Instinct. Seems like Sony has the better value and launch lineup.

    1. I’m getting both consoles so it really doesn’t matter. However, don’t get it twisted and stop being a onesided gamer. The best value does not equal the best launch games. That logic is just stupid so dont use it. PS4 launch game is down to Killzone which has not been a great series. Its been okay at best compared to the top FPS. Beyond that there is no variety. Therefore, your console will collect dust if you dont like Kllzone.

      The other console give us more choices at launch. Doesn’t mean you have to buy them all. By the way Sony alwys release games slowly so not sure how the become smart. Look at the Vita…mines is collecting dust

  10. just get a wii u … its cheaper, fully backwards compatible, an they have great exclusives out now and coming soon( zombiu,tank tank tank, lego city under cover, scrbblenauts, pikmin 3, winwaker hd, wonderful 101, super mario world, out now and donkey kong, smash bros, mario kart, bayanetta 2 , X, etc. coming soon. and if u want the multi plats to look better look no farther 1080p 60fps assassins creed, batman, watchdogs, ghost. whatever u buy a console that doesnt support itself.

  11. Good things come for those who wait ;-)

  12. $0N¥ = lies, overhype and underdeliver!

  13. Luckily as an average costumer with other expenses I won’t be buying my PS4 until february or so. By that time it will have a bunch of games that are worth spending hours upon hours on.

  14. Not really awful, but also not ‘new’, because there are a lot of sequels, not ‘new games’, and that’s great if you are following some videogame series, but if not, it’s not really impressed.
    Unlike in the Ps3 era where i waited for a new Kingdom Hearts, a new Digimon Rumble Arena, a new Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Soul Reaver, or a decent Open-World Final Fantasy that never came, i had to skip that console…
    For now, i think i’ll go with Nintendo and the Wii U, i want something fresh and different, while i played some of the old nintendo games, (for example, y have a Game Boy) those aren’t obviously the same games as they were 20-30 years ago.

  15. You forgot to mention that Battlefield 4 and Assassin’s Creed IV both have 60 minutes of extra gameplay only exclusive to the PS4. Not to mention superior graphics, online play, and interactivity. Might want to do more research before you start going off on how bad a system’s launch titles are.

    1. Superior graphics, online play and interactivity? Really? Cause everything we’ve seen shows they’re pretty darn identical. And what’s this interactivity you speak of? Both have tablet enabled commander mode, so, yea. Battlefield 4 also doesn’t have 60 minutes of exclusive gameplay, so might want to do more research before you criticize one of our writers.

      1. Nick it sounds like you take things much too personal. Especially considering your writer wrote an opinionated article. Thus I was giving my opinion. And what does interactivity have to do with tablets? I was speaking of online play. And you might want to study up on those comparison videos because there are some notable differences. I think your whole comment was just to defend your writer because you don’t like backlash.

        1. I smell angry fanboy, daniel needs a diaper change

        2. I can handle backlash of an article no problem. But if you’re going to tell one of our writers to do more research before doing some of your own, I will defend them.

          As such, I tried to counter your opinion from what I’ve seen, so no, I didn’t take it personal.

      2. Not only that but you can’t handle someone who dislikes an article.

  16. I would have liked to have seen different games other than the dragged ‘died of death’ franchise titles, give the consumers more choice!

  17. Confident in believing Sony will unleash there exclusive later, but Iam getting me an xbox one. Super excited for titanfall, Microsoft did a smart move getting that exclusive. PS makes some great single player games sure ill miss but positive Microsoft investment in servers will lead to a solid online play for halo n cod in the future :-)

  18. I pity people here. Techocrats don’t waste time on “which” they are all cool, I have ALL consoles. Ps3 , Xbox and WII et al, I will get a ps4 AND Xbox one. You can pick up both a few months Down the road far far cheaper. I love all consoles , each has good and bad points, more good than bad… Real gamers have all consoles – period, as it’s about the GAME and NOT the hardware.

  19. Pretty embarrassing article in retrospect.


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