Friday the 13th Lives Again With New Single-Player Content

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th fans have been given their first taste of what the game’s single-player content will look like.

In a Twitter message to fans, developer Illfonic offered a first look into a new mode called ‘Single-Player Challenges’. This reveal was accompanied by a short gameplay trailer to show what gamers can expect from this upcoming inclusion to the heretofore multiplayer-only game.

These single-player segments, for the time being, seem to put players under Jason’s mask in a sandbox environment, where they can choose how to take down naïve camp counselors. This content is similar to the meat of the multiplayer that has garnered the game so much popularity, but this Hitman-like approach to different scenarios may give players the opportunity to be more creative than they are used to.

Daniel Nixon, Illfonic’s community lead and the video’s narrator, states that the footage shown is still a work in progress and will not be ready until later in the year, so a lot could change before the update is available to the public. Unfortunately, a release window has not yet been revealed by the team.

Upon the video’s upload, some fans tweeted back to express concerns regarding the short three-minutes taken to fulfil the objective. Confirming the sandbox nature of the missions, the official Twitter account replied, stating “You will not complete every objective in a single play through of a challenge. This video is of the smallest challenge level.”

Following in the murderous footsteps of the multiplayer mode in the game, variety seems to be a highlight of this new way to play.

In December, an update to Friday the 13th: The Game enabled a free-roam ‘Virtual Cabin 2.0’, where players can roam at will and seek out hidden secrets, as well as including the option to play alongside bots as a way to supplement the lack of a traditional single-player campaign.

Friday the 13th: The Game released in May last year, but shows no signs of stopping the update train anytime soon. Fans have been pleading for some sort of meaty single-player content since the game was released, and now those dreams seem to finally be coming true.

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