Focus Home Interactive has confirmed that a next-gen, Call of Cthulu, is in the works at Frogwares.

Focus Home released five images from the game to show off some of the game’s art and what we can expect from the environments of the horror title. Other than that, no other details were released at the time of this writing. We should certainly expect to hear more about the game in the coming days/weeks.









The 1981 horror-roleplaying game has been published in seven editions, and we’ll have to wait and see what Frogwares has in store for us next.

For more on Call of Cthulu, be sure to stay tuned to OnlySP.

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  1. ***Frogwares*** sorry dislike spelling mistakes

    1. Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. wow omg, excited so much, loved the 1st cthulhu cool game.

  3. Coool…

  4. They did good work on Sherlock, but Lovecraft is a very, very different proposition from Doyle. These shots look good and atmospheric and I hope that they can inject the game with the sense of creeping unease that the Cthulu mythos deserves.

  5. I loved Dark Corners of the Earth from Bethesda, looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Been a Lovecraft fan since I was a teen.

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