The Forgotten City

The Forgotten City, a standalone reimagining of the popular Skyrim mod of the same name, has received a significant visual overhaul thanks to the addition of a former FromSoftware environment artist.

Alongside announcing the new hire and revealing the new look (embedded below), developer Modern Storyteller revealed that The Forgotten City will launch on Xbox One in addition to the scheduled PC launch.

No specific release date is yet available, though Modern Storyteller predicts the game to launch late this year.

Modern Storyteller has left behind Bethesda’s Creation engine for this remake, building it in Unreal Engine 4. The developer is also expanding the game with a new soundtrack, endings, and a completely revamped environment.

The Forgotten City takes place in a lost Roman city and casts players as a character living a Groundhog Day-style existence in the effort to prevent the destruction of the society.

The project was first unveiled during PC Gamer’s E3 press conference last year. Meanwhile, the original mod released in 2015 and has reportedly been downloaded more than two million times.

The mod was highly acclaimed by the critical community, being the first mod to earn a national Writer’s Guild award.

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