E3 2018

Sony Shows Off Ghost Of Tsushima Gameplay

Ghost of Tsushima

Sony showed off four main titles at E3 with Ghost of Tsushima being one of newest and biggest games to enter the spotlight.

The player will take command of a samurai-turned-ninja as they fight off the Mongolian invasion of Tsushima, an island off the coast of Japan. The game is based on a real event where the island was invaded by Mongolian forces in an attempt to take it over.

The trailer shows gameplay and the setting of Tsushima, which is both beautiful and chaotic, with the occasional burning building in the background. The world will have red leaves falling giving it color, adding to the Asian aesthetic.

The game’s combat is slow and methodical, working on well-timed counters and attacks, to resemble a real sword fight. The player will switch between stances akin to For Honor with out the need for directions. The developer noted that the combat is stylized after samurai films, making combat feel cinematic and heavy with a closer camera. The team has tuned combat for “lethal precision”, where each strike counts and any strike can kill.

The main character can go enter a concentration-like mode to target and attack enemies quickly.  The gameplay also shows stealth and climbing to be a major part of infiltrating guarded locations and ease dropping on enemies.

Another noticeable feature in the game is that the main character and people from his land speak English, letting the play feel like one of them, while the Mongolians speak another language, making them feel foreign and distinct.

Ghost of Tsushima premiered at the Paris Game Show in 2017 with a trailer. Sucker Punch then had a panel hosted after the 2017 PlayStation Expierence to talk about the development and give more information about Ghost of Tsushima. The developers went into detail about the open world, art, and gameplay.

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