Giants Uprising

Giants Uprising turns human villages into a destruction derby playground in an epic anti-human experience.

Robert Oglodzinski and Lukasz Rosinski, respectively the narrative designer creative director of VARSAV Game Studios, unveiled new gameplay at Gamescom 2019.

Rosinski described Giants Uprising as a “hack’n’crash game” whereby players cause havoc by “crushing everything that you see.”

However, for those who think the game might be a one-sided demolition exercise, Oglodzinski confirmed that things will become harder as players progress through the campaign.

“Even if you are big, like a Titan, it doesn’t mean that everything comes easy. For example, the enemies are hard to spot, you are a very good target, and there are some limitations connected to the environment.”

Oglodzinski further explained that the studio has thought about how to apply real physics to the game. If a Giant climbs onto a roof with slippery tiles, it will slip and fall, and using structures built for humans is impossible.

Therefore, players will be able to destroy everything, but they will need to apply strategy to how the Giant moves to unleash mayhem.

The story of Giants Uprising is based on a Giant who awakens after a long slumber to seek revenge on the human race, punishing them for their greed and sins. Humans have enslaved Giants, so all the hacking and crushing is justified to free the trapped Giants.

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