‘God Of War IV’ Rumored For February 2013 Release

It all starts with a little speculation.

It began with Santa Monica Studio posting job listings for an upcoming, unannounced, new installment in their widely popular God of War series back in October, but hey, people recruit for work on games all the time, right? Nothing to get too excited over.

But then in January, Composer Timothy Williams innocently updated his resume with work he’d recently done on a little unimportant title known as GOD OF WAR IV…and he showed us all how a little bit of Times New Roman can light the WORLD on fire!

Since then, MoCap Animator David Hornfield of House of Moves has followed suit and accidentally leaked information regarding his work on God of War IV via his LinkedIn profile (taken down soonafter), and now BT Games, a retailer down in South Africa, has begun taking preorders on the game, with an estimated launch date of February 2013. It’s all but announced now, so we just await Sony and Santa Monica to announce something confirming or disproving the (kind of obvious) existence now.

What do you think? Is it time for another adventure in brutally beautiful world of Kratos? Or do you think IV’s  a crowd?

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