God of War Narrative Producer to Join New Microsoft Team The Initiative

Headed by industry veteran Darrell Gallagher, Microsoft announced the members of a new major studio titled The Initiative.

One of the more shocking inclusions involves former Santa Monica Studios member Brian Westergaard. Westergaard worked extensively on PlayStation exclusive God of War (2018) as Senior Managing Producer for Narrative and Animation.

The full team currently consists of various Microsoft and Crystal Dynamics members with the goal of designing exclusive Microsoft content.

With this generation turning into yet another battle for exclusives, Westergaard was likely headhunted to produce content akin to Santa Monica Studio’s output. The Initiative will be primarily focusing on innovative titles.

The Initiative currently has no announced projects in the pipeline, but with the inclusion of several experienced staff, such as Rockstar’s Christian Cantamessa, Xbox fans can expect some compelling news relatively swiftly.

While series such as Gears of War and Halo have remained a staple for the Xbox community, other Microsoft exclusives have failed to outperform some of Sony’s titles. With the announcement of this new team, Xbox could potentially turn the tide of the ever-raging console war.

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