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News Holiday Sale – Half Price Off (Nearly) Everything That Isn’t 75% Off



Ah, ’tis the season. Can’t you feel (insert name) Holiday in the air? Snow is falling/sun is shining, little kiddies everywhere are throwing snowballs/tantrums because it’s too hot. And lo! What’s that o’er yonder? A sale, you say? We’d better investigate further… (formerly Good Old Games) have started up the gaming festivities today with a truly massive holiday sale. Starting from today and running until January 5,’s entire catalogue (minus 8 games – yes, I counted), is 50% off. Additionally, GOG are running daily sales – bundles of games at 75% off. Today’s daily sale is the Bullfrog Favourites bundle, with 8 absolute PC classics – Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2, Theme Hospital, Magic Carpet, Syndicate, Populous, Populous 2: Trials of the Olympian Gods, Populous: The Beginning – going for a measly $11.92.

To top it all off, every single body gets Duke Nukem 3D for zero monies. Free games for all!

So get your bank accounts ready, people. The festive sale season is well and truly here to make you broke.

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Telltale Games Catalog to be Removed From GOG Next Week




Fans of the late developer Telltale Games should hurry to pick up its games quick, as PC players may not be able to buy the titles for much longer.

Digital retailer GOG has announced that Telltale’s game will be listed from the store’s website come May 27.

The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands, and Batman: The Enemy Within are just a few of the titles that will fall victim to the delisting. Tales from the Borderlands specifically was already removed from Steam sometime this week.

Fans of Telltale’s Borderlands spin-off have a sliver of hope however, as 2K says that it is working to bring the title back to digital platforms as soon as it can. A 2K spokesperson confirmed the news to Eurogamer.

“We are working to get Tales from the Borderlands back up on digital storefronts as soon as possible. All prior digital purchases of the game will of course still be honoured and supported.”

There is no word on if the same will happen over at Steam or other digital retailers, but fans should assume the worst. The internet-wide delisting is a result of Telltale’s demise late last year.

Though much of the Telltale catalog will be affected, its most influential title, The Walking Dead, will still be made available through the Epic Games Store.

Those who already own any of the games delisting next week should note that they will still be able to play the games as they please.

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