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Gothic 2D Action RPG Dark Devotion Gets Boss Reveal



Dark Devotion

An array of bosses that players will face off against in Hibernian Workshop’s hardcore sidescrolling RPG Dark Devotion has been shown off in the latest trailer for the title.

Clocking in at a little over a minute long, the teaser shows off a handful of flagship enemies. The visual design of these boss characters draws inspiration from multiple sources, including ghouls, Templar knights, angels, and more, all adapted to Dark Devotion‘s macabre, gothic-inspired pixel art style.

Alongside the new footage, publisher The Arcade Crew has officially announced that the game will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Switch early this year, though a concrete release date is not yet forthcoming.

The game casts players as a pilgrim aiming to prove their faith in a temple that actively aims to kill visitors. The storytelling takes inspiration from the likes of Dark Souls, being baked into the world around the player. Meanwhile, Dark Devotion‘s currency of Faith is acquired by felling foes and spent to unlock additional paths, chests, and more.

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Sony Unveils Plans to Expand Studios, Improve PS Now



PlayStation 5 Sony

Sony held its annual Investors Relations Day today where the company has unveiled plans to maintain its position as market leader of next-gen consoles.

The company enforced that it believes in console generations, especially with the next-generation PlayStation 5 console, capturing the power of new technology to bring transformative and immersive gaming experiences.

The key to Sony delivering its promise will be the new partnership with Microsoft, using the rival company’s Azure cloud technology to improve streaming services. PlayStation Now currently runs on Sony’s servers and has about 700,000 subscribers, however, the new deal could help grow their subscriptions to 5 million.

PlayStation Now will be improved to offer 1080p resolution streaming and beyond, and the quality of content will be enhanced as well, suggesting there may not be as much of a delay with the release of AAA titles on PlayStation Now as there has been so far.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 had immense success from its own exclusive games made by internal studios such as Guerrilla Games, Sony Santa Monica and Naughty Dog. Both God of War and Spider-Man topped most players’ and critics’ GOTY lists in 2018 – both PS4 exclusive games.

Jim Ryan also confirmed plans to invest further in its game development by expanding Sony Worldwide Studios. This would be either through organic growth or acquisitions.

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