Gran Turismo Sport Set to Add Full-Fledged Single-Player Mode

Gran Turismo Sport

The latest entry in Sony’s flagship racing franchise, Gran Turismo Sport, is slated to receive a single-player campaign based on the ‘GT Mode’ of previous iterations.

Called ‘GT League’, the new mode will be split into four difficulty levels, with each hosting an array of different competition-based challenges with various restrictions according to engine, drivetrain, or vehicle type. As should be expected, partaking in and playing through each race league will provide rewards that will aid in progression.

The campaign will be added as part of a free update due next month, which will also add in a dozen new vehicles from the motorsports-oriented Lamborghini Countach LP400 and Ferrari F40 to the road-going Volkswagen Samba Bus and Ford F-150. These additions are just the tip of the iceberg, however, with roughly 50 vehicles set to be added to GT Sport’s roster between now and March next year. Updates will continue beyond this point, with further vehicles and tracks being teased for the future.

However, ahead of those major updates, the game will first receive a patch on November 27 to add three new cars, as well as offline play for the current campaign, livery editor, and Scapes mode (though saving will still require an internet connection).

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