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Lighthearted 2D Platformer Grave Danger Gets Ultimate Edition



Two-dimensional puzzle-platformer Grave Danger will be re-released on Steam on January 25, 2018 as Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition.

Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition introduces ten new levels to challenge gamers, as well as new mechanics such as tippy platforms, firewalls, and a robotic bird players may use to fly around. In addition, the level selection screen UI has been overhauled, and two new turrets have been introduced: one that fires purple projectiles that can harm the player, and one that fires green projectiles that act as a bounce pad for characters to traverse the world.

Drawing comparisons to lighthearted SNES/AMIGA platformer The Lost Vikings, Grave Danger is an action-packed adventure game about an unlikely group of heroes. Players control Dante the cowboy, Elliot the wizard, and Malice the reaper, switching between the three to utilize their different abilities and solve puzzles to advance through the game. Gamers can enlist two friends to play local co-op, or control all three characters themselves for a truly single-player experience. Utilizing each character’s unique abilities to solve puzzles is the key to advancing through Grave Danger. Dante is able to climb vertical surfaces, while Malice floats horizontally across chasms and dangerous areas. Elliot the wizard can levitate and then jump further once he is in mid-air.

Gamers can find Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition on Steam January 25, 2018. A port to console is planned for Q3 2018, when the game will be available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Troy Baker Discusses His Return as Joel in The Last of Us Part II



The Last of Us Part II Joel Ellie screenshot

Troy Baker has spoken about his return to the role of Joel in Naughty Dog’s upcoming title The Last of Us Part II.

During an exclusive interview with OnlySP at Supanova Comic Con & Gaming, Baker was asked how he felt to return to the role alongside Ashley Johnson, who plays Ellie in the sequel to the acclaimed 2013 title.

“The first day we were on set was when we shot [the PSX reveal] trailer,” Baker revealed. “We go through rehearsals and stuff, and we walk through it, and things get real serious all of a sudden, when we heard both of our voices. When you put everything together, that’s when Ashley goes away and Troy goes away, and you’re left with Ellie and Joel.”

Baker noted that the first time creative director Neil Druckmann spoke to him about the potential of a sequel was during the British Academy Video Game Awards in March 2014.

Check out a clip from our exclusive interview with Troy Baker and Nolan North—including the revelation of North’s return as David and the significant musical numbers featured in the game—above, and stay tuned for the full interview.

Druckmann recently revealed that Baker and Johnson had completed their main work on the game, describing it as “the most ambitious cinematic shoot we’ve ever done.” Before that, he stated that the final scene of The Last of Us Part II has been shot, with Laura Bailey recently completing her performance capture for the title. Druckmann also revealed that the rapper Logic and actor Travis Willingham will also be appearing in the game.

Earlier this month, a screen of the game’s weapon upgrade system was leaked in a promotional video, with some noting that weapon variation may be present in the game’s revision of combat.

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