Supergiant Games has released the second major update for Hades, the developer’s recently released Early Access dungeon crawler.

Today’s “Good Times” update is a free, automatic download for owners of Hades via the Epic Games store, introducing “new abilities, balance changes, fully-voiced narrative events, enhanced art and visual FX, a brand new song from our award-winning composer, and many more features and improvements!”

Also included with the update is a new Development Roadmap accessed within the game’s menu, detailing the developer’s plans for Hades throughout the year, such as “a new Biome packed with new foes and challenges, new boss fights, and new ways to take advantage of the various resources you accumulate as you play.”

Full patch notes are now available within the game’s client or on Supergiant Games’ official Discord.

For more on Supergiant, keep checking in with OnlySP on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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