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Green Hell Tasks Players With Surviving Alone in the Amazon

Survival games are set to get a realistic overhaul in Green Hell, which casts players as an amnesiac lost deep in the wilds of the Amazon rainforest.

While the central exploration and crafting mechanics should seem familiar to anyone who has played the likes of The Forest or Conan Exiles, Green Hell adds unique health maintenance systems to the traditional formula. As players stumble through the jungle, they will have to regularly inspect their bodies for wounds, parasites, and other infection-causing agents. Several options will be available to players to remedy their injuries, including applying maggots and rudimentary poultices.

The debut development team at Creepy Jar has also promised psychological effects arising from the character’s solitude, but has not yet detailed the forms that those will take. Players begin their quest already lost deep within the Amazon rainforest with only a radio to guide them out. The journey will also reveal the events that led the protagonist into this situation.

Green Hell is targeting an Early Access launch later this year and is currently also targeting a console release at a later date. The developers have already released a twenty-minute video (embedded below) showing off some of the key features, but also clearly displaying the early production stage of the title.

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