With E3 just around the corner it’s about time the big rumors start popping up and leading the charge is a couple of the PS4’s more mysterious titles, Horizon and Sony Bend’s rumored open world horror title.

According to Shinboi on NeoGAF, Horizon will most likely arrive in 2016. Shinobi explained on NeoGAF, “it’s almost assuredly a 2016 title at this point. From what I hear, some things were still being prototyped as recently as the beginning of this year.” Since the concept art leak earlier this year, not much else if anything has leaked since then.

Regarding Sony Bend’s upcoming title, Shinobi revealed quite the interesting tidbit regarding the game. When asked if Sony Bend’s title would be more like The Evil Within or Resident Evil, Shinobi replied saying, “I wouldn’t say to think of it as The Evil Within’ish or RE’ish survival horror.” He continued on to say the game. as far as he is “aware” is more like The Last of Us, most likely in terms of how the game plays.

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  1. Huh. Didn’t know about that Sony Bend TLoS-ish title. We’ll see. Is it me, or is Sony going exclusive-all-out in this E3? Mark me a happy PS4-owner. And man, I’m SO ready for the Horizon reveal.
    X1 is basically screwed at this point.

    1. Far from it really..Forza, Tomb Raider, Halo, Gears of War and a bunch of unannounced stuff we don’t know about? Both conferences are going to have a lot to show this year.

      1. Eeh … Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive, Halo, Forza and Gears of War are a given. I mean new IPs, new stuff. Asides from Scalebound, X1 has little new things to announce thus far. Of course, their E3 last year was indeed, way too impressive, but half of the stuff they shown were either cancelled or dead silent. I have at least 10 PS exclusives I’m waiting to hear news from, and half of them are brand new IPs.
        In short, Sony knows its stuff.

        1. Yeah Microsoft announced those games way too early, Phantom Dust was essentially just in the prototyping stages, the developers working on the game didn’t even know MS had that CG trailer.
          It’s like the 3 things MS showed hadn’t even begun proper development when they were announced at E3 2014, they probably should have been saved for MS to announce this year.

          Guerrilla’s new IP began development in 2010, Bend’s began in 2011.

          MM and Quantic Dream’s titles had already been in the works for a few years when those developers mentioned they had new IPs in development for PS4 at the feb 2013 event.

          Sony London are also known to have a new IP, since they didn’t release any major PS3 exclusives it’s likely Eight Days just continued on in development (it was never canceled), same goes for the Getaway.

          SCE Japan Studio are rumored to have a Final Fantasy level RPG in development as well.

          TLG never got canceled, there were rumors that moved to PS4 in like 2011 or 2012 and it just so happens to be the 10th anniversary of SoTC release in October this year, either that gets re-introduced at E3 with an October release date or it’s re-announced at Paris Games Week that month.

          There’s a rumored Playstation All Stars reboot in the works, similar in style of play to Power Stone.

          God of War has been in development since Cory Barlog returned to SSM in August 2013.

          Guerrilla Cambridge are working on a new title for an established multi-million selling Sony owned franchise (likely a new Killzone or maybe Resistance).

          Shuhei Yoshida stated back in 2013 that every 1st party studio has new games in development for PS4.

          Obviously some studio’s games just don’t work out and things can get canceled before they eat up too much money, but Sony has to be sitting on a pile of games they’re ready to unveil this year.

          There’s also the fact that Level 5 has a game they’re ready to announce, they’ve stated that’s happening at E3.

          It really doesn’t seem like Microsoft has enough internal studios that work on games purely for XB1 to come anywhere close to matching what Sony could have, even if you take out the ones most people think got canceled like The Getaway, Eight Days, The Last Guardian and Agent.

          They could of course partner with 2nd and 3rd party studios to secure exclusives, but any of those deals would have to have been made prior to the launch of XB1, because right now PS4 is just too popular for those studios to consider XB1.

          MS will be forced to work on their 1st party studios, while Sony will invest more in that area and strengthen their position further, along with fortifying their relationships with external studios.

          I can see Sony buying a number of quality indies and investing to expand their talent further and build their 1st party network that way.

          It makes me laugh when I hear people try to make out like Sony aren’t serious about AAA, just because Shu said indies would be the more prevalent source of exclusives, they don’t consider that is simply because indies are how big studios begin, then they get bigger, but in the meantime there’s just more of those studios relative to the amount of big guys are around, the AAA’s at Worldwide Studios stayed the same or they will grow in number, but more indies crop up too, multiple for every one AAA studio.

          AAA aren’t going anywhere, so long as they’re managed right, budgets are kept in check and sales expectations are realistic, which has always been the approach Sony has to their AAA development.

          GT5 costing $60M and making over 10X that amount back kind of says it all really, Uncharted cost like $20M and made over $80M.

          Hellblade’s development is an interesting way to bring back the AA, with AAA indie.

          Anyway yeah Sony has tonnes of huge AAA exclusives, both new IP and established franchises.
          This E3 and the later conferences this year should be awesome.
          I hope we see PGW handled like Gamescom was, with a lot of surprise smaller games, E3 should be about what’s coming this Fall and the huge new titles of 2016, TGS and PSX will of course also be about 2016 and maybe a little bit of beyond that.

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