The hotly anticipated release of Halo 4 this December won’t be lessened at all by what was released today.  That’s right, the box art for the fourth game in the epic sci-fi/action series has made its way onto the internet, and it’s very good.  I mean really good.   Take a look for yourself:

But don’t leave yet!  There’s even more news about Halo 4!  343 Industries just announced in an interview that they’re almost finished polishing and tinkering with it.  Creative Director at 343 Josh Holmes had this to say about their time with the game and how they dealt with the pressure of the franchise:

I think we were all aware of the challenge going in and that was one of the things that attracted us to ‘Halo 4′, it’s just not something you can dwell on as a creative team, you can’t keep thinking about all the potential ways it could go wrong.  You have to find, what you think is the right vision for the game and stick to your guns.

The team’s been really excited about having this opportunity to take on a franchise that they love and try to bring a new set of eyes and a new creative vision to Halo.We’re in that final stretch and you can see it all now coming together after years of labour and it feels really good.

I trust that 343 has enough passion about the Halo franchise, and the stories that they can tell within it, that Halo 4 really will be spectacular!  With the release of the box art and the interview, my view has solidified even more.  I can’t wait to get my hands on this game.  What about you?  Share your opinions in the comment section below!

Kyle Bailey
Kyle used to work alongside Nick Calandra in the early days of OnlySP, doing such things as "writing articles" and "posting" and "being the Editor-In-Chief". But then college happened, and things slowed down. But, now that he's graduated, he can resume his life-long passion of writing about video games. And making movies. He also has a beard.

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  1. That is some awesome looking boxart. I'm sure a poster of that will look great displayed on Game$top's front windows. :P

    1. OR hanging in a picture frame in my dorm room.  Either one.   

    2.  I wish I could skin my car with this lol!

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