Rumoured Concept Art For Halo: Infinite Surfaces

A new piece of Halo concept art—rumoured to be for the upcoming Halo: Infinite and embedded below—has been revealed, showing off an idyllic natural setting.

Originally posted by streamer Greenskull on Twitter, the piece of art purports to be from the Halo Community Studio Visit 2018. While the date does not guarantee the image has been prepared for the yet-to-be-released title, the signatures embedded at the bottom hint at it as a likelihood. Sparth is 343 Industries’s art director, while Bacon is most likely Darren Bacon—who is lead concept artist at the studio. The other two signatures are more difficult to place, though DC may be Davison Carvalho, who is UI art lead and joined the studio in April 2017, long after the launch of Halo 5: Guardians.

The image itself shows off the iconic Warthog and Pelican vehicles and what appears to be a sparsely decorated military outpost. The artwork does hint at rather significant scale, which may lend credence to rumours that Halo: Infinite will feature open-world elements.

Few concrete details on the project are yet to be revealed, though it is being built in an entirely new development engine. Early reports have suggested that the game will release in two parts: a single-player campaign launching at some point next year and a multiplayer suite to follow in 2020, but those reports are unsubstantiated at present.

Halo: Infinite was officially unveiled at E3 2018, and that reveal trailer is available here.

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Halo: Infinite

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