Well everyone, another year has come and gone for OnlySP! This brainchild of mine is now three years old and in its fourth year of publication. Time sure does fly by doesn’t it? It’s honestly crazy just to think how much the industry has changed since we entered the scene along with a number of other sites back in 2012. Building and working on OnlySP has been a great pleasure, however, and I’m very much looking forward to what’s ahead for the future of the site.

An even crazier stat for me to think about is the fact that I’ve been working on gaming journalism projects now for over 6 years! I started out writing like shit, but our ever present EIC, Lachlan, whipped me into shape over the past few years and I think I’ve improved a bit. For those of you that don’t know, Lachlan, David Nelson and I have been working together now for 6 years on this stuff and have never met face to face. We should probably change that boys!

We started out on a site called TitanReviews, which, if you Google it you’ll find my incredibly awesome logo for the site somewhere out there. That site was a mess, with a drag and drop builder you had to use for every page. Funnily enough, the layout I used on that site has stuck with me through the times. After a year on that horrid site, we moved on over to VelocityGamer, which was good for a while, but we quickly realized you won’t make it in this industry with a generic news site. So, here we are now. Still running on the cheapest hosting we can afford, and using my free time in college to keep it up and running.

OnlySP went through a major overhaul last Winter that brought some hefty changes to the way we did things on the site and it was all for the better. The site grew by over 100% stats wise in 2014, and we’re looking to continue that upward trend in 2015. Our stats are already ahead of where they were last year by a small but noticeable margin. Most importantly, our social channels are continuing to grow every day, new fans are showing up and providing to discussions on the site, and our very strong team of volunteer writers and media content producers have been helping to continue build the site this year.

In 2014, you provided the site with 1.9 million visits, over 3.2 million page views and our best single day stats wise with over 35,000 visits in one day. Would be awesome if we could get that many visits very day :p

We’re hoping to achieve higher stats in 2015 for OnlySP as well as continue to build up our media channels as the industry is tending to shift in that direction. But you can be sure as hell our writing won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Writing is what OnlySP was built upon, and we continue to pride ourselves each and every day with having, what I think, is some of the highest quality written content out there for a site of our size.

For those of you curious about the direction OnlySP is headed, until I’m out of college I can’t really provide you an adequate answer to that question. I think, sustainable is the word I’m going to use for now, and what we’ve got going on now works. Obviously, if I could funnel more money into the site and my time, things would be on a much grander scale, but for now, we’ll continue to gain experience and build things up slowly as we move along. Thankfully, however, our volunteer writers will hopefully soon get the compensation they deserve from me. Some potential avenues for expansion have been made available to me, but before I take any potential risks, I need to be in a more financially stable spot to do so. Maybe that’s a bit too much personal information to share, but I’ve always been transparent about the site and will continue to do so. Transparency is obviously something this industry seemingly lacks in a lot of areas.

Being in college, running this site and paying bills that I need to pay obviously put a strain on things. But we are currently testing out a payment plan for the writers on the site that should allow me to provide them at least a little bit of compensation for the hard work they provide. Paying our staff is something I’ve been working towards for a long time, and I greatly appreciate anyone whose provided content to the site over the years as a volunteer. Running this site and not being able to afford to pay people is something that’s been hanging over my head since the start, and it feels wonderful to finally be able to be at the point where it’s possible in at least a small way for now.


OnlySP, is more to me than just a gaming website or something that helps pays the bills. The site encompasses my vision of a business, how I want to treat the people and customers that continue to push the site forward. It encompasses my ambitions, my knowledge as well as some failures. It hasn’t been the smoothest of rides, and running something like this can be incredibly stressful at times, but hell, it has been one rewarding experience through it all. I feel that everyone, that has read content here, or provided volunteer hours here has gotten something out of the site. I think our greatest achievement by far, is gaining such high regard and respect from our readers. We may not be the most popular site out there, but I think the more people that find OnlySP, will realize they’ve been missing out one one of the better communities of gamer’s out there.

Here’s to another year of OnlySP.

– Site Owner and Lead News, Nick Calandra

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Very Happy Birthday to OnlySP! I have seen this place grow so much, I have seen the content get better and better, I have experienced the open and friendly community it provides and I wish you many great years ahead.

    Gamers are diverse and we need diverse content and coverage for it. OnlySP is offering a unique approach and it’s getting better and better at it.

    Have another good one and I hope all goes well with your studies and handling of the site, Nick. This puppy will keep enjoying and sharing all this great work done by the OnlySP staff.

  2. I haven’t been with OSP long, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of content that I’ve read or watched (and created myself). You can really tell that everyone here puts in their best effort into the work they do for the site.

    It’s nice to be part of a gaming site that has such a strong sense of what it wants to be and what content it wants to create and has a strong, dedicated team that wants to be part of it.

    Basically, thanks Nick. For giving me and many others the opportunity to do great things here and giving gamers a great place to hang out and talk about games. Going forward, I’m happy to be part of this and contribute more and new content to help OnlySP grow and continue to provide gamers with quality news and entertainment

  3. Happy Birthday to us! Like Justin, I am newer to this team but it is doing nothing but building my talents and pushing me to continue what I love and what I went to school for.
    I came here to write, but I am now able to branch out, learn more, and do more to help myself and OSP grow, so that next year, even more fans can say Happy Birthday to OSP.

  4. Happy birthday guys!

    To infinity and beyond!

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