We can now watch 20, uninterrupted, minutes of Just Cause 3; it’s as fantastic as expected.

Rooster Teeth got hold of the Just Cause 3 Beta, and had the chance to spend 20 minutes ‘Just Causing’ destruction. Puns aside, the game looks pretty polished in this stage; the video begins with a warning about the development state of Just Cause 3, but the video is truly counter to this showing us smooth, explosive gameplay. If you find Rooster Teeth endearing or aggravating, you can still enjoy the star of the show; the gameplay.

Michael Bay is no doubt salivating at the sight of the footage, but it’s not just for his benefit. So, check out the footage yourself and see if the game lives up to the lofty expectations that await it.


Adam Railton
Freelance writer, caffeine addict and the stereotype for every overly energetic Arts student. I'm passionate about all games, but mostly the single player ones. Solitude is something I hold dear, and I can only get that from playing alone. That is the sad truth

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