Star Wars is a franchise that has no shortage of memorable music under its belt, and as a result, many games based on it resort to simply recycling the notable scores of both film trilogies and calling it a day. However, when the time and effort is made to create original compositions that go hand in hand with a striking new vision for a Star Wars game, something magic happens.

Today’s track is the main theme for Lucasarts’ 2008 action game, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Although a short piece, it’s nevertheless teeming with orchestral passion and terrific pace. To compliment the game’s theme of dual morality, the exciting chorus is played twice, once in a lower and trembling style and again in a heroic, rising sense. This track definitely made sitting through the game’s overlong loading screens a lot more tolerable.

The piece was composed by Mark Griskey, an American composer who has worked on the scores for other Star Wars games like The Old Republic and Starfighter as well as titles like Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Rayman: Raving Rabbids and several movie tie-in games from the Harry Potter and Narnia series. You can check out his official site here.

Michael Urban
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