Hip-Hop Noir Game STONE Gets 15 Minute Demo and Imminent Release

Convict Games has revealed that its anthropomorphic modern noir game STONE will release next week, alongside providing an extended look at the opening moments of the title.

While an exact date has not been announced—with even the project’s Steam page saying only “NEXT WEEK” for the present—STONE will be available exclusively on PC and Mac. As explained in the video tour, the game draws inspiration from classic stoner noir films and books including The Big Lebowski and Inherent Vice, and brings their ethos into the modern day, with a distinctly Australian twist.

Players step into the shoes of the eponymous Stone, a koala PI, who wakes hungover one morning to find his “chookie,” Alex, missing. In the video below, creative director Greg Louden mentions that the game will be split into three acts, each featuring a number of chapters that will take the protagonist from his trashed flat to the local pub and beyond in the search for his missing girlfriend, meeting a motley cast of characters in the process.

OnlySP recently had the chance to speak with Louden, and that interview will be available next week.

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