Hollow Knight: Silksong: Hornet Will Not Be a “Silent Protagonist”

Hollow Knight Silksong

Team Cherry has revealed more gameplay for Hollow Knight: Silksong and talked about how new protagonist Hornet differentiates this sequel from the previous game.

During day three of Nintendo’s E3 2019 live streaming, Nintendo’s product marketing specialist Katie Casper played and commented on the upcoming Switch game. Whilst no new details of the date of release were confirmed, the presenters did share new information about the game’s protagonist, Hornet.

Unlike the previous Hollow Knight game, Hornet will have vocalisations. The vocalisations players can expect will range from simple exertion sounds while fighting and engaging with enemies to dialogue with NPCs. Furthermore, Casper also expressed that Hornet will express opinions when interacting with different characters and has a “really fun personality”.

The presenters playing Hollow Knight: Silksong (embedded below) proudly stated that Hornet is “not a silent protagonist.”

With regards to what to expect from combat, the presenters discussed how players will need to approach tough fights during a boss battle. Combat will be reactive, so players will need to think strategically and learn enemy fighting patterns: “[combat…] is based on reacting to enemy moves more than structuring your own.”

Hollow Knight: Silksong will also feature an integrated map for players to access which will help to discovers secrets while traversing levels.

Hollow Knight: Silksong will premiere on Linux, Mac, PC, and Switch, though no date has yet been set.

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