Beleaguered open-world FPS, Homefront: The Revolution is still in development, according to publisher Deep Silver’s international community manager, Maurice Tan.

In a post on video game forum NeoGAF, Tan promised gamers that Homefront wouldn’t peter out into nothing, stating:

Homefront: The Revolution is still in development, now under our wing at Dambuster Studios (formerly Crytek UK).

Sometimes we get questions from fans asking if it’s going to be another Prey 2 or Duke Nukem Forever. But rest assured that the team at Dambuster is still working hard on the game and it’s not going to be vaporware.

Homefront: The Revolution began life at the now defunct THQ, under development by Kaos Studios, the team behind the original Homefront. Following the closure of Kaos in 2011, work passed to Crytek UK, until the dissolution of THQ led to them acquiring the IP outright, as well as brokering a co-publishing deal with Deep Silver. But development was again beset by financial difficulties, forcing Crytek to sell to the rights to the franchise to Deep Silver, who now hope to finish the game.

“Vaporware” refers to a product that is announced for release, but never materialises, without any official cancellation from the manufacturer or publisher.

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