During Gamescom 2019, IGN sat with two Funcom employees to discuss the latest Martian mystery title, Moons of Madness.

PR manager Eirik Nergaard and Community Director Natascha Röösli answered many questions during the event.

Moons of Madness bears some similarities to Dead Space in that both feature an engineer tasked with repairing a ship that has been overwhelmed with aliens.

However, Röösli downplayed the association with Dead Space: “if you compare it to Dead Space 1, which was more atmospheric, then definitely a little bit” but not to later entries because “it’s definitely not a fighting game. You have other means to try to survive […] It’s definitely more survival.”

Rather, a more justifiable comparison is the one made between Moons of Madness and Alien Isolation.

The title features a heavy Lovecraftian overtone in its design, with eldritch themes and items creeping in.

While not explicitly featuring any creatures from the Lovecraft mythos, players can expect to see a whole bunch of tentacles.

The game will also feature what the team call “zone outs”, a type of dream-like sequence during the story. These zone outs leave an air of uncertainty, as the game does not make clear if they are dreams, flashbacks, or foreshadowing.

Moons of Madness aims to be a master of suspense, with even the most mundane of tasks carrying a wave of unease.

The team also reiterated that Moons of Madness is set with The Secret World universe.

The Secret World is a supernatural MMO RPG developed by Funcom that also features Lovecraftian elements. The decision was made to tie the IPs together following the involvement of Funcom.

Check out the full interview below. Moons of Madness is scheduled for release in October 2019, on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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