If ‘The Forest’ Isn’t on Your Radar Yet, It Should Be

Survival games are the new zombie games of this generation.

The Forest. It has been on our radar since we first heard about the game last year. It’s a game that we’ve closely followed development of, watching and waiting for even the smallest detail to come out as the developers toil away on making the game the best it can be. Following the release of the third and final trailer for the game, however, I’m more excited for this indie project than most of the games coming out this year.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, take a look below, it’s a beauty.

Now, here’s a couple fun facts for you; this game is being developed on the latest version of the Unity Engine, so if you don’t think Unity can pump out some truly amazing graphics think again. Secondly, this is being developed by three full time developers with a few outsourced helpers and finally, the game is fully supporting the Oculus Rift, if you aren’t impressed yet, you best keep reading.

The game is a fully open world survival horror game that puts a huge focus on realism. Our past interviews with the developers we’ve learnt that you can literally cut down every tree in the world, hunt and fish, build a home and fortify it to keep the cannibals that inhabit every inch of land and the list goes on and on.

The enemy AI is pretty darn advanced and will react accordingly to your actions. However, the developers made sure to note that “They’re still mutant cannibals, you can choose to deal with the situation in a less aggressive way, but you’re still an intruder in their forest. Even though we try to give them depth and be relatable, they still want to kill you. In fact, just wounding them will make them more angry with you, it’s probably best once a fight has started to try and finish them off.”

If you’re a horror fan as well, Endnight is looking to appeal to you as well as they told VG247 in a previous interview, “Obviously, we wanted to make something scary as well. We don’t actually find a lot of horror games very scary and we’re really aiming to make something truly terrifying.” Just watching the trailer above and imagining yourself in that situation using Oculus Rift should give you an idea of how scary games like this and Alien: Isolation could be.

If you want to read more about The Forest, feel free to checkout our exclusive interview with the developers going into heavy detail on how the game plays and what surviving in the world will be like. The Forest will be available on Steam Early Access May 22nd. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest on The Forest and subscribe to our Youtube channel for a diary series once we finally have access to the game.


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