Immortal: Unchained

Toadman Interactive, the developer of the Souls-like title Immortal: Unchained, has expanded on the game’s inspirations and design in a new interview.

Speaking to Wccftech, studio manager Daniel Mesonero was steadfast in putting single players’ fears to rest regarding Immortal‘s competitive mode. In response to a question on the title’s solo inspirations, Mesonero stated, “[at] its core Immortal: Unchained was always meant as a single-player game because we really enjoy single-player experiences. But we have also created a competitive mode which will be available post launch as a free patch. It’s not multiplayer but it adds an extra layer of local competitive gameplay.”

The addition of a competitive mode came as a surprise, but Mesonero’s comments imply the mode is merely a small addition. Thankfully, the multiplayer mode will not dilute the single-player experience, as per recent industry tradition.

The major pull of the campaign, which Mesonero said lasted the team “20-30 hours on their first playthrough,” is its challenging RPG-based gameplay. The manager did prefix his admission that the length of the title is largely down to skill, so players can expect a multitude of completion times.

Drawing inspiration from titles from the Souls universe, Immortal blends its unique lore around third-person combat and punishing design. Curiously, Immortal invokes memories of 2008’s infamous Too Human, with its blending of futuristic and classical mythological lore.

The game, according to Mesonero’s interview, allows for both shooting and melee play, with a varied arsenal of weapons. The game attempts to eliminate linearity in terms of choice of challenge, with players having full choice of side-content. However, the title does need certain plot prerequisites to be met in a linear order.

Mesonero concluded his interview by stating that the game will be featuring Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro enhancements, whilst refusing to rule out a Nintendo Switch port. The title will also feature community-driven free and paid DLC content, with the roadmap being revealed soon.

For more, check out the game’s launch trailer, embedded below, and be sure to follow OnlySP on FacebookTwitter, and Youtube.

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