Whew boy do we have a lot of new details to share with you on The Forest today.

The Forest, if you didn’t know, is finally releasing to Early Access this week on May 22nd. We’ve been covering the game as much as we can leading up to its release and we will continue to cover it after it releases to early access as we know how many of you are fans of the game. So, without further ado, here’s some new details.

This was already something known by most people who have been following the game, but for those that are just now hearing about it, The Forest will not have any firearms at your disposal. This will really drive home the need for players to scavenge for the things they need to make hand-to-hand weapons.

@SomeSweatyNerd Absolutely no guns. We do have a single flare gun in the plane wreckage.

— Tara (@Skunkie) May 17, 2014

Currently portions of the world are closed off for the initial alpha release and it seems like the world might be getting just a tad smaller according to Tara, whose handling PR for Endnight Games at the moment.

@DeckardEMPIRE The boundaries are changing a lot this weekend, and the river might not be an explorable area for the initial alpha.

— Tara (@Skunkie) May 18, 2014

Something we think many of you will find interesting and I’m sure we’ll see comedic Youtube videos of is the fact that you can rip limbs off the corpses of your defeated enemies and use them as weapons against the surviving cannibals.

 @Grengoku You can beat a cannibal with a severed limb, but you can only severe limbs from corpses.

— Tara (@Skunkie) May 17, 2014

As you’d expect, night time will make enemies all the more aggressive, so get sleep while you can in the game, you’ll need it.

@NashRodey @benfalcone1 Night time definitely brings out more of their aggressiveness. ;) — Tara (@Skunkie) May 17, 2014

Finally, something that we’ve been wondering about for awhile as Endnight have kept their lips sealed on the subject is the game’s story. According to Tara it is minimal, but notes that it will provide a “surprise” if you do look for it. As we revealed in a previous interview with Endnight Games, “The Forest’s story is told “purely through gameplay and visuals,” Falconer told us, “we have no audio logs, no text or dialogue of any kind. The story, however, is “completely optional”. Setting The Forest in an open world means that players don’t have to adhere to any strict narrative structure, instead being able to roam freely. While there is a “definite ending” in the game, SKS estimates that “most people will play for a long time before discovering the true ending.”

@Joshpro8423 @MaxTomsic It’s easy enough to ignore if you don’t care. But a fun surprise if you look for it. :)

— Tara (@Skunkie) May 17, 2014

We’ll be sure to continue covering details on The Forest as they show up so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest on the game and other upcoming single player titles.. The game releases on Steam Early Access on May 22nd for $14.99.


Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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