In The Valley of Gods

The first trailer for In The Valley of Gods (embedded below) dropped during The Game Awards in 2017, boasting distinct visuals, bold music, and a striking landscape. From this trailer alone, anticipation and excitement surround the game and its release in 2019.

What is In The Valley of Gods?

From Campo Santo, the team behind Firewatch, In The Valley of Gods is a first-person adventure game that follows two women as they venture through an ancient Egyptian valley.

Players will take on the role of filmmaker Rashida in the 1920s as she and her former partner, Zora, navigate the remote, ancient ruins. The player will uncover treasure and treachery as they pursue a discovery that could lead them to fame and fortune or leave them dead beneath the sands.

Despite the excitement from some gamers, controversy surrounds Campo Santo’s name since it banned YouTuber PewDiePie from displaying a Let’s Play of Firewatch after he exhibited racist language during a stream. This move from the developers caused an uproar from both PewDiePie’s and Firewatch’s communities, with many gamers saying that they refuse to play In The Valley of Gods because of the developer’s actions.

Why are we excited?

Little has been revealed about In The Valley of Gods and its gameplay. However, the title appears to be closely following in Firewatch’s footsteps, being a first-person adventure game that explores the relationship between two characters in a remote landscape. Firewatch’s dialogue took place primarily through a walkie-talkie between the protagonists, but In The Valley of Gods will feature the second protagonist travelling with the player, offering help throughout the environment. Having Zora travelling with the player will likely come into play with the gameplay mechanics as well as how the narrative develops, as Campo Santo can now tell a visual story through Zora’s expressions and movements.

The relationship that is to be redeveloped between the old partners is the main appeal for the game and a big reason to be excited for In the Valley of Gods. “Previous partners” Rashida and Zora already have an established chemistry because Rashida previously swore to “never work with [Zora] again.” Rashida’s disposition towards Zora already leaves players with questions on what happened in their past that made Rashida hate Zora so much. Unravelling the history and mysteries between these two characters is a strong selling point for the game and will be its key focus.

After Firewatch’s overwhelmingly successful launch, hopes are high for In the Valley of Gods. Campo Santo’s ability to craft a powerful narrative through dialogue is highly regarded and a good sign of what to expect from the team’s next big title.

When can we play it?

In the Valley of Gods is set to release at an undisclosed date in 2019 on PC.

Will you be picking up this novel new project, or do you need to see more before making up your mind? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to come back tomorrow when we go gaga for a game that is looking to course correct a series that many believe took a serious misstep a few years ago.

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