Welcome back again, Single Players. You thought we forgot about you? Well we’re back again for another week of great indie games to keep your eyes on in the coming months! This week’s Indie Roundup is going to start off with a beautiful side-scrolling RPG in the same vein as Valkyrie Profile; mess with our perceptions in a nausea-inducing (and gorgeous) platforming puzzle game; take flight with an over-the-top side-scrolling shoot-em-up (WITH JETPACKS); and go back to the wasteland with a couple post-apocalyptic romps…y’know, just in case you haven’t had enough of Fallout 4’s aesthetic yet.

Indivisible (Lab Zero)

We tend to focus on lesser known indie titles in this feature (and with good reasons), but when I noticed that OSP had only mentioned Lab Zero’s Indivisible once waaaaay back in July, I felt the immediate need to rectify that.

Indivisble is an upcoming side-scrolling RPG from the creators of Skullgirls that claims to draw a lot of inspiration from Valkyrie Chronicle and Super Metroid (many of you will be sold already, and for good reason) but its aesthetic and concept are worlds different than anything I’ve ever seen.

In the game, you play Anja a “good-natured tomboy with a rebellious streak.” Her home is destroyed by local warlords and Anja must use the skills and abilities of certain powerful individuals – called “Incarnations” – which she can fuse with and bring them into battle with her. Not only that but fusing with these Incarnations will also grant Anja access to special weapons and abilities in the side-scrolling, platforming sections of the game as well for some of that old fashioned Metroid-vania feel.

Indivisible is filled with nods to various mythologies for its settings and monsters. Anja herself is from an area that draws from Southeast Asian mythology, but other characters from other areas represent a host of other cultures. Currently there are 16 Incarnations announced and they’re all incredibly varied, from Tungar and his “urumi,” a sword with a long, ribbon-like blade, to the falconer Kushi and her friend Altun (a falcon bigger than she is), to Phoebe, a massive archer who fires entire spears instead of arrows.

Oh, and it has a score composed by Hiroki Kikuta, who composed the soundtracks to Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 2 and other well-known titles. So yeah, that’s pretty neat.

If this has piqued your interest, head on over to the Indiegogo page here for tons more information about the game and even to download a prototype. Indivisible is set to reach its $1.5 million goal (and receive an additional $2 million 505 Games when it does) handily with almost $1 million (by the time you’re reading this, it might even be past that) raised and 20 days left in the campaign.

Indivisible is scheduled for release on Playstation 4, XBox One and Steam.

Intersection (NarWal Engineering)

Intersection is one of those games like Fez that completely messes with your perspective. By setting the action in a 2D plane but allowing the player to change things on a 3D plane, it adds a great deal of excitement to the otherwise played-out 2D side-scroller.

Here’s the blurb from the game’s Greenlight page, which was recently passed through the process and will enter into primary development soon.

InterSection is a spatially-challenging puzzle game based on manipulating two 2D planes aligned to your player in 3d space…Just watch the trailer.

You are linked to two worlds; the dying world of your people, and a young, green world. Use this link to connect these worlds and save your people.

It’s a simple premise to a visually simple game, but the game looks anything but simple to complete. It challenges you to navigate the plane you’re standing on to line up the second world so you can continue on. You can check out the game’s successful Greenlight page here. The developer’s webpage can be found here on Twitter at @NarVWal  or on Facebook.

Jetpack Squad (Vap Games)

If that last trailer put you to sleep with its serenity and tranquility, prepare to be exploded back awake with Jetpack Squad by Vap Games. It’s still in early development and not a lot is known about it…so have some amazing GIFs.

As you can see, it looks like a pretty simple concept with lots of stylized, explosive visuals and heart-pounding action. The game, which was made with Unity, promises to be a “SHMUP” with a focus on speed, interactivity and, of course, explosions. Vap Games says it’ll “eventually come out on any game platform that has buttons” but it’ll be made available on PC/Mac/Linux first.

You can follow the game’s website at jetpacksquad.com or on Twitter (@vapgames).

Eastward (PixPil Games)

Eastward is a game being developed by a small, three-person studio out of Shanghai. It has a sort of retro JRPG look to it and is set in a post apocalyptic Earth but seems to handle it in a slightly different way than most games. It only just hit the Steam Greenlight page and you can check it out here for a bunch of neat screenshots.

In the game, you will be playing a father accompanied by his daughter as you travel the ruined landscape. The developers say that, in the world of Eastward, “human societies are isolated and shrinking due to some severe environmental problem.”

The concept and the visuals that have been revealed make the game seem like Earthbound combined with the Last of Us and we’d be lying if we said the whole thing wasn’t intriguing. You can follow the development of the game at PixPil’s Tumblr page and on Twitter at @pixpilgames.


Death Trash (Crafting Legends)

Our last game this week is Death Trash and, yup, it’s a post-apocalyptic roleplaying game. It has a grittier look to it than the retro, stylized JRPG look of Eastward and looks to be drawing its inspiration firmly from the Mad Max and Fallout realms. Here’s the blurb from the developer, Berlin-based Crafting Legends.

Death Trash is a modern post-apocalyptic roleplaying game with influences of cyberpunk, science fiction, horror, the grotesque, sex and trash-talk humor. It features a world full of dialogue and unique characters. Use shotguns, psi powers and eloquent talking to survive in this hostile wasteland. Death Trash is still at an early stage of development and the next step will be a playable prototype.

So yeah, it’s definitely not one for the kiddies.

The game promises a post-apocalyptic, punk world with thick atmosphere, rich dialogue and unique characters, as well as an emphasis on player freedom. Many problems in the game are expected to have multiple solutions and you can cancel dialogue at any time…presumably to start shooting people. Your character will be able to use psi powers to manipulate others, the environment, and even themselves.

The game is built for the PC with both mouse and gamepad controls supported and will even feature local drop-in, drop-out co-op.

You can follow Death Trash at their website deathtrash.com or on Twitter (@talecrafter) and Tumblr, which includes a lot more screenshots from the early builds of the game (including a few I didn’t feel comfortable posting here).


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