Resident Evil Revelations is the one RE game released last year that was actually any good, and, as we reported a while ago, it’s finally coming to major platforms in May this year. But it’s not exactly the same package as the 3DS version, oh no – the new release brings several updates to the game. Along with a new enemy – the “Wall Blister” – there is a new difficulty mode that adds a new challenge. “Infernal Mode” is not just supposedly harder than easy and normal, it also rearranges the positions of enemies and items. It sounds similar to the arrange modes long-term fans will recognise from much earlier entries in the series, and should add somewhat to the replayability of the game. Capcom have ever so generously released a trailer, showing a bit of what this new mode will add.

Hopefully this will wash the rather nasty taste of RE6 out of our collective mouths.

The trailer for the new Infernal Mode is below. The game comes to 360, PS3, WiiU, and PC on May 21 (US) and 24 (EU).

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  1. RE6 was superior to this game in every way. Not a bad game, quite a good one, and if RE is meant to be non confrontational where you can merely sprint past enemies, this could be considered a more faithful version of a 15 year old style of gameplay.

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