Insanity Reigns in Chilling New Silver Chains Trailer

Silver Chains

Silver Chains is one of those rare indie games that, judging by the latest trailer, will be truly unsettling and chilling to play.

In true indie horror fashion, Silver Chains takes place in a seemingly abandoned manor house. What is more striking within this trailer is the use of sound design. The teaser starts with a relatively soft musical introduction that breaks into a loud but constant droning as the player character’s vision flickers in an out. The music, compiled with the shocking images, echoes the theme of madness with the cracks in the drywall looking more and more like throbbing veins as the character descends deeper into the mystery.

The game emphasises that the player is searching for something; however, within those dark dingy hallways, something is also searching for them. Unlock the mysteries of Silver Chains August 6, 2019, coming exclusively to PC.

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