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Ratchet and Clank PS4 along with the Ratchet and Clank film are coming out shortly and both are looking fantastic. With hands-on previews happening at Insomniac’s headquarters and several spots throughout Europe, they’ve decided to share some new media in the form of gameplay videos featuring three different planets in the game and a small handful of pretty screenshots. The series has many strengths, and the diversity of their levels is one of them. Check out the gameplay videos below:

Planet Kerwan kicks off with a cutscene flowing directly into aerial combat before heading to the ground and showing off some of the varied and fun arsenal the series has always provided.

Aridia is much different than the sky city of Kerwan and the enemies follow-suit. Fan favorite weapong the Groovitron is utilized here along with the awesome-looking Pixelator.

Novalis returns and the the fluidity of the animation and particle effects is on full display here. They have really done an amazing job utilizing the new hardware. The visual fidelity and high frame-rate look to provide a truly next-level Ratchet and Clank experience. We’re very excited to get our hands on the game and check out the film as well. Theaters get Ratchet and Clank on April 29th, preceded by the game, exclusive to PS4, in the North American Region on April 12th, and the EU regions on April 20th.

Check out the original post along with more Ratchet and Clank media and information at insomniacgames.com.

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