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Experience Inter-Dimensional Surrealism in 0°N 0°W Later This Year

Indie developer COLORFICTION has finally set a release date for its upcoming surrealistic first-person adventure game 0°N 0°W, alongside the release of a new teaser trailer.

Unlike the bulk of ostensibly similar titles in recent years, the game eschews the idea of a mystery narrative in favour of throwing players headlong into an audio visual experience. The game will apparently begin with players stranded in small town, but quickly send them through a portal into worlds unknown. A glimpse of some of these worlds is included in the trailer embedded below.

Alongside the new teaser, the developers have announced that 0°N 0°W will release on March 1.

COLORBLIND says that the game is “minimalist reinterpretation” of traditional gameplay mechanics, with the intention being to be a project in which exploration is the only goal. To that end, players are able to walk anywhere within the various worlds. Although each of the worlds is handcrafted, the way they come together is procedurally generated, creating a unique experience for each user.

At present, the game is only confirmed for a PC release.

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