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Hideaki Itsuno Expresses Interest in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Itsuno Hideaki, the legendary mind behind cult titles such as Dragon’s Dogma and the upcoming Devil May Cry 5, has expressed interest in producing a sequel to the former title in a career-spanning interview.

Alongside the remarkable statement that he considers Dragon’s Dogma to be his finest work, Itsuno expressed the following about a possible sequel:

“I’ve mentioned this before, but when we started Devil May Cry 5, I’d gone to the people up top and said let me make either Devil May Cry 5 or Dragon’s Dogma 2. I thought Devil May Cry 5 would be the better choice right now, so did that. If I could, I’d love to make Dragon’s Dogma 2—it’d be awesome.”

Dragon’s Dogma got somewhat of a mixed reception on release, but its use of the ingenious pawn system, as well as the ironing out of issues in the ‘Dark Arisen’ expansion, has led to the title garnering quite the cult following.

For now, though, Itsuno is focused on Devil May Cry 5, which is shaping up to the most refined entry in the series. The interview, conducted by the good folks over at Eurogamer, is really worth the read, too.

For more on Dragon’s Dogma and Capcom, be sure to follow OnlySP on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube. Devil May Cry 5 fans should keep their eyes peeled for a review, too, which will be dropping in the coming days.

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