In many ways, the innovation and level of technological advancement that has impacted on the global gaming market is something to be celebrated. With enhanced graphics and audio quality alongside an increasingly immersive array of titles and cross-platforming gaming experiences, modern players are spoiled in a way that their predecessors were not.

Despite this, modern gaming is blighted by some issues that did not impact the platforms of yesteryear. From the presence of gold farming companies on social games to fact that modern titles lack the innate charm and appeal of retro alternatives, there are a number of reasons why the demand for retro-gaming remains stronger today than it has at any point in the last decade.

This is something that brands have been increasingly keen to capitalise on, with developers also keen to reinvent retro titles for the modern market. These innovations have peaked recently, however, with the development of a new gaming tablet that is dedicated to enjoying retro games. European outlet Funstock is the firm behind the so-called Blaze Tab, which despite sounding like an imitation of the Amazon Fire tablet has a unique and thrilling identity that is sure to wow gamers.

To support this, the product has been designed to optimise the enjoyment of classic, retro games. It has physical control buttons in addition to a touchscreen, for example, alongside two analogue sticks, a classic ‘D’ pad and six face icons. There are also ‘start’ and ‘select’ buttons located along the bottom, identical to those which were used on the PlayStation One and Mega Drive controllers. It also has an advanced remapping feature, so that you can configure touchscreen controls to the tablets buttons with ease.

Above all else, the Blaze Tab has been equipped with HDMI output, meaning that the device can be connected directly to a large screen television. Along with the controls, this replicates the sensation of playing a classic console game on television or through a monitor, which is crucial given that the tablet has been designed to run games initially made for the ZX Spectrum, the Nintendo 64, Dreamcast and the PlayStation One.


While this device does not come with any games pre-installed, there are two key things to bear in mind. Firstly, it is relatively simple to download a range of retro games in the modern age, so long as they are suited to the platform and compatible. The Blaze Tab device will also have the capacity of playing online games and also connecting to the Google Play Store, meaning that pre-purchased titles like Pacman will be accessible as well as more traditional games such as roulette.

This Android-based table is sure to create a splash in the market, especially with its dedicated graphics processor helping to refine the retro gaming experience. There is also 16 GB of internal memory, meaning that you can download a huge number of games at once!




Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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