It Lurks Below

 From the mind of Diablo creator David Brevik comes It Lurks Below, a new action-oriented survival RPG that takes place in a randomly-generated world.

As part of the development studio Graybeard Games, Brevik has created a title that bridges the gap between the aesthetics of Terraria and the dark, punishing mood of early Diablo games. The project is a dungeon-crawler at heart, but features some idiosyncrasies in enemy design, customisation, and combat.

The played out aesthetics of the project betrays how much it differentiates itself from other games in the same stylistic vein, however. It Lurks Below, as stated in the game’s description on Steam, “is a true RPG,” with fully-integrated stats, six character classes, bosses, exploration rewards, a talent tree, and three different modes of play.

The project is currently in Early Access, with further details on its Steam page. Graybeard has given no indication of when the game will be out of Early Access.

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Ben Newman

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