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New John Wick Game Coming Exclusively to Epic Games Store on PC



John Wick Hex gameplay screenshot

Good Shepherd Entertainment and Lionsgate have announced a new video game based on the John Wick film series.

In development by Bithell Games, John Wick Hex is an action-strategy game that aims to accompany the upcoming film John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum. The game’s creative director, Mike Bithell, is known for narrative adventures Thomas Was AloneVolume, and Subsurface Circular.

The creative and stunt teams behind the film series helped the developer with some of the game’s fight choreography. Each move has consequences to the progress of the story, and were designed to feel like a film scene.

John Wick Hex features an original story, and will allow players to unlock weapons, locations, and suit options. Weapons and ammunition are simulated realistically.

Actors Ian McShane and Lance Reddick are lending their voices to the game, alongside other unannounced actors. The game’s art style will reflect classic noir designs.

The game is currently in development for consoles, PC, and Mac. For the latter two platforms, the game will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store at launch.

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Decide France’s Industrial Future in New Railway Empire DLC



Railway Empire France gameplay screenshot

Kalypso Media has announced new downloadable content for its rail management simulator title Railway Empire.

In the new ‘France’ DLC, players can build their railway in the wake of the exile of Emperor Napoleon III. The Third Republic has taken power following the collapse of the French monarchy, so players have the power to decide the industrial future of France.

Players can decide to help rebuild the country’s infrastructure (alongside the new “Eiffel Tower”), or to increase the strength of the country’s borders to prepare for military conflict.

The DLC is set between 1874–1890 and adds 10 train engines, over 12 tradeable goods, and 31 new cities, as well as new songs and characters. The map can be played in the Free Game and Sandbox modes.

Railway Empire: ‘France’ is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for US$12.99. The game has also received a new update (Update 1.9).

Check out the trailer for the new DLC below.

OnlySP’s Rhain Radford-Burns discussed the importance of Railway Empire in the wider genre of historical games, noting that “the developer grants an insight into the importance of such seemingly menial tasks.”

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