Julian Gollop Already Considering Expansions to Phoenix Point Universe

Phoenix Point

X-COM creator Julian Gollop has recently revealed that he is considering a sequel or other universe-expanding effort for the upcoming turn-based tactics game, Phoenix Point.

During a recent AMA on Facebook, Gollop was asked whether Phoenix Point was being built around the possibility of a sequel, to which he replied that the team has already begun concepting ideas of how the story could continue beyond the end of the first game. Said Gollop, “We have some very interesting plans for what would happen after the actual end of the game in Phoenix Point. I cannot reveal anything about that right now, of course, but rest assured we will have a long-term plan.”

He also emphasised the ongoing world-building efforts for the project, which is being handled by Gollop and his fellow writers, Jonas Kyratzes and Allen Stroud. Those efforts involve a series of short stories, and mock journals and transcripts, a full list of which is available here.

During the AMA, Gollop also talked about some of the details about the project, including reiterating that it will use simulated bullet physics (unlike the RNG of the most recent XCOM games), that players will be able to set up multiple bases of operations, and that the option to loot the battlefield for weapons and ammunition will be included. The full video is embedded below.

Gollop’s comments about the future of Phoenix Point begin at approximately 39:30. The developers at Snapshot Games are currently targeting a late 2018 release for the title on PC and Mac, with the possibility of an Early Access launch before then. The developers have previously revealed that the unmet stretch goal of a floating base will be made available to everyone as free DLC following the game’s launch, and that most maps will be procedurally generated.

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