Just Cause 3 – “20 to 30” New Weapons, Dynamic Weather and Environment and More Details

New details were recently revealed about Just Cause 3 in an Ask Me Anything with Avalanche about Daniel Hardcastle’s (a.k.a NerdCubed) experience with the game. While this wasn’t a developer AMA, which necessarily limited the scope of discussion, there were plenty of new details revealed about the game’s gameplay, environment and, of course, weapons.

Since the game is still in development, all information revealed is, of course, tentative and could change—for better or worse—by the time it’s released in December.

We already learned a bit about the game at E3 a couple months ago, including the basic story, which has the protagonist from Just Cause 2, Rico Rodriguez, leaving the Agency and taking up residence on a fictional island in the Mediterranean called Medici. Rodriguez is somehow put into conflict with the island’s Tropico-style dictator, General Di Ravello, who has set his eyes on world domination.

Because of course he has.

Other than that, the developers have revealed that almost everything in the game can explode and/or set on fire and there are challenges that can unlock mods to alter action skills, vehicles, etc.

One of the most comprehensive questions asked at the AMA, which was held about two weeks ago, was regarding the size of the world and the number of guns that would be included in the game…and of course, how many bases there were to “blow up.”

Avalanche Studios said that the world was 400 square miles and it’s “bigger vertically” than Just Cause 2, which means “there is a way higher point and a lower point” than in JC2.

As of the date of the AMA, which was about two weeks ago, there were 20 to 30 “new weapons,” the developer went on, which seems to imply that number is above and beyond whatever holdouts might exist from the old game. However, the Avalanche representative pointed out that this number was a work in progress and may change before the game’s release.

As to how many bases there were to blow up, the coy answer was simply “a lot.”

Another user asked Hardcastle, “Are you worried the game is going to feel less fun because of the lower diversity in towns? You can only destroy speaker systems and giant states of Di Ravello so many times before it seems repetitive.”

“Not even slightly worried,” the popular Youtube personality replied. “I’ve seen chunks of the tech tree and there’s going to be lots of ‘Oh, what if I use this this time?’ You have no idea the sheer inventiveness in these trees.”

“Also,” he continued, “I spent most of my time flying in and out of towns with a wing suit trying to zip between alleys without crashing into Mrs. Brown at Number 24, so it’ll keep you going for waaay longer than JC2.”

Avalanche Studios chimed in as well, clarifying that Nerdcubed had only shown a single part of the first (of three) regions and assured the user that the cities were, in fact, not the same everywhere.

Other tidbits included a highlight of the game’s dynamic weather system, which was featured on the game’s Youtube channel (justcausegame). The developer said simply that “the weather system and its impact is pretty dynamic” and encouraged people to check it out on their channel. They also confirmed, when asked, that vegetation would indeed burn as well as bend, flatten and break.

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