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Total Just Cause 4 Map Size Slightly Smaller Than Predecessor



Just Cause 4

Square Enix and Avalanche Studios have revealed the full map of Just Cause 4, confirming that, though it has more landmass, its total area is slightly smaller than that found in Just Cause 3.

The key for the interactive map on Just Cause 4‘s website pegs the landmass at being a little under 1,024km2 (approximately 395mi2). Meanwhile, Medici, the feature island of the previous game was said to have a total area larger than 400mi2 by the development team. However, a straight comparison between the two is inaccurate, as a considerable portion of Medici comprised open water whereas Solís—the island of Just Cause 4—is a solid mass of land.

Not yet clear is the distance to which the ocean will extend around the island, as both Mad Max and Just Cause 2 featured infinite space beyond the core play area, while Just Cause 3‘s was more limited.

The map features four separate biomes, according to the developers, and those appear to jungles in the south, swampland in the east, and desert in the west, all of which are kept apart by the snow-peaked mountain range and river system at the centre of the island.

At least three major cities are also present at the northern, eastern, and southern extremes, though smaller pockets of civilisation are dotted about.

Just Cause 4 sees the return of Rico Rodriguez, this time on a mission to rid the island of a paramilitary organisation called The Black Hand, while simultaneously uncovering new details about his own past. The key new feature of the game is the weather system, which introduces lightning storms and tornadoes that promise to shake up the gameplay experience.

Just Cause 4 will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One December 4, 2018.

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Multiple Hirings at Insomniac Games Spark Rumours of Spider-Man Sequel




Sony Interactive Entertainment has posted an advertisement on LinkedIn for both an audio designer and senior audio designer, sparking rumours of a Spider-Man sequel.

The recent hirings indicate that Insomniac is indeed working on something new for PlayStation fans to enjoy. With Spider-Man being such a massive hit alongside an officially licensed comic expanding on Insomniac’s Spider-verse, players could get a sequel sooner rather than later.

The official job posting requirements for the senior audio designer are as follows:

“Responsible for being an active and key contributor for the creative direction and style for audio assets and workflow processes throughout a production cycle. Creates, edits, and implements game-ready audio. Works closely with the rest of the audio team to maintain a high level of quality and consistency of assets.”

While the job posting does not guarantee a sequel, PlayStation fans can rest easy knowing another juicy exclusive is in the pipeline.

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