Avalanche Studios

Just Cause Developer Has Six Games in Production

Avalanche Studios has revealed that it has a total of six projects currently in the works, and the games-as-a-service model will be integral to their design.

Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz, the studio’s CEO Pim Holfve revealed that a total of six projects are currently in active development across the three offices of Stockholm, New York, and Malmö. Half of those titles have already been announced as RAGE 2, Just Cause 4, and the self-published shooter Generation Zero, but the others remain under wraps.

However, Holfve did provide a handful of vague details about the projects.

The Malmö office was opened with the intention of working on smaller projects than the studio has historically been known for, with Holfve hinting “one might say 30 per cent of a AAA product.” However, this smaller scale does not necessarily translate to the kinds of linear adventure commonly attributed with ‘independent AAA’ games, with Holfve mentioning that all of the projects will be based upon the proprietary APEX engine, which is “solely built to create big, beautiful worlds.”

He added that the ambition is for “all of [Avalanche’s] self-published games [to] be run as a service,” with free and paid DLC expanding on the initial release over time.

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