The developer known for building the Just Cause series, Avalanche Studios, are prepping to announce no less than “tree big-budget” projects that they are currently developing. The first of which is planned to be announced some time before July. Avalanche Studios recently opened a development branch in New York City which lead to the big jump in production. They have also been obtaining developers from multiple locations around the industry, primarily “senior-level talent.” The developers are being added to the team from far and wide including; Insomniac, Volition, BioWare, Sucker Punch, Ubisoft and Sony.

Just Cause 3 is more than likely one of the after-mentioned projects, but the other two we can only guess at. Just Cause 2 proved the studio has some great talent at work though and adding in all these other developers from around the industry, especially at the locations they picked from, I can definitely see some great games coming from them in the future. Gamespot says that these unannounced projects will be released between 2013 and 2014.

If you’ve played Just Cause 2 you know that there’s some talent in environmental building and creativity in Avalanche Studios. What ideas do you have for their next outing? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest info on single player gaming.


Nick Calandra
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  1. Entirely too excited to see if a Just Cause 3 could come out bigger and better than the first two! (well…the last one. The first one…eww.)

    1. I think it's going to be friggin awesome. Hopefully they add in more creative elements though. Nukes, space ships ya know? haha

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