Ryan Sharr, a former Gas Powered Games developer, has decided to kickstart his own project. Pairing up with his colleague, Zach Barson, the two have gone to Kickstarter to hopefully fund their new IP, ROAM

A zombie themed survival title, ROAM asks players to build their own defense tower and then survive waves of the undead. The defense building engine seems pretty in depth, even at the game’s early development stage. Players must also scavenge for supplies while working solo or with up to three other players to survive. Sharr added a demo video to the Kickstarter page showing off what he and Barson had accomplished in just six weeks. They also posted what they think players will love about their upcoming game:

“Fans of RTS/Tower defense will enjoy our base building and large-scale battles

Fans of MOBAS/Action RTS/Action RPGs will enjoy the fast-paced, visceral combat and variety of weapons

Fans of Shooters will enjoy the skill-based gun play

Fans of RPGs will enjoy the exploration, NPC interaction, loot collection, and character development.”

As of this posting, the team has earned just under $32,000 in pledges with 25 days to go, making their goal of $40,000 almost a sure thing at this point.  You can donate to the project here if interested. Also on their Kickstarter page is a lot of general information on the game. As of now it will be released on PC and Mac. Their prototype video is embedded below. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

Jeff Scott
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