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Killzone Shadowfall has just been announced. A trailer for the game currently running on the PS4 is being shown, as soon as it’s available we will post it up right here.

Killzone Shadowfall will apparently focus more on the story of the Helghast, and their “right to exist”, according to Sony. Running on the PS4, the game looks visually stunning and is chock full of new weapons, characters and what seems to be a new world with a much brighter and more futuristic look. However, Sony didn’t say whether the game was a prequel to the original Killzone, or a continuation of the series.

Technologically, it looks quite brilliant. The demo shown was supposedly running on PS4 in real time. The engine could handle dynamically switching to slow motion, while maintaining a high level of visual fidelity. No information on what engine it’s running on just yet, but whatever it is, it’s gorgeous.

“Helghast are fighting for the right to exist. The war is said to devastate planets, and is similar to cold-war Berlin.”

Nick Calandra
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