Kingdom Come: Deliverance Gets Stunning New Gameplay Trailer

Kingdom Come: Deliverance gameplay

Warhorse Studios has peeled back the lid on the latest Kingdom Come: Deliverance trailer less than two weeks before the game’s launch.

The newest footage begins by reiterating the opening of the game, with protagonist Henry, a blacksmith’s son, finding his parents dead in the aftermath of a battle. He swears revenge and thus begins a quest that will set him on the path to becoming a soldier. The trailer also touches on key plot points from the game, but a heftier focus in placed on gameplay.

Several sequences show off the realistic first-person combat that the developers ave long touted as one of the selling points of the project, and other scenes show off some peaceful horse rides through the countryside. However, the highlight of the new footage lays in the glimpse it offers of a a full-scale assault upon a faithfully recreated medieval castle in the dead of night.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is set in Bohemia, circa. 1408, and aims to embody the role-playing ideal without relying on the speculative-fiction trappings commonly associated with the genre. The game is scheduled to release on February 13, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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