Kingdom Come: Deliverance Hardcore Mode Releases Today

Kingdom Come: Deliverance gameplay

Kingdom Come: Deliverance already has a reputation of being difficult, yet developer Warhorse Studios has decided to ramp up the game’s punishing gameplay systems in a new hardcore mode.

The mode, which releases for free today, will include a multitude of changes, including unique Hardcore Perks and a total overhaul of the game’s save and combat system:

  • Removal of the game’s auto-save feature, with saving only possible through exiting the game, consuming ‘Saviour Schnapps’, sleeping in an owned bed, or paying for a full bathhouse service.
  • Food and healing potions take longer to heal, with sleeping now being the best way to recover health. Health and stamina bars are also removed, with in-game effects being the only visible barometers.
  • Fast-travel is removed, with compass waypoints and Henry’s position on the map also being absent.
  • More realistic combat, increasing the weight of strikes and doubling-down on the importance of armour.
  • Introduction of customisable Hardcore Perks, which can be enabled or disabled. These include Consumption, Nightmares, Tape Worm, Claustrophobic, and Shakes, which all impact gameplay differently.
  • Generally, traders will pay less for goods and quest rewards will be lowered. Repair costs will be increased too.

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